What is HYPER Affiliate Program (HAP)? 
  • (HAP) HYPER Affiliate Program is HYPERJAM25’s in-house affiliate program.
  • HAP allows you promote and recommend our works on your social platforms.
  • You earn commission for every successful purchase through your unique link.
How to register for HAP?
  • You can register at hyperjam25.com/affiliate
  • Fill in your informations and submit.
  • We will review your informations within 3 business days.
  • Make sure your provide your social media account name / URL correctly.

You are officially a HAPPIE! : )

[hap-ee]  noun
Nickname for the affiliates under HAP.

How do I earn commissions?
  • You will earn referral when a buyer made successful purchase within 15 days after clicking your affiliate link.
What is the commission rate?
  • The starting rate is 5%, based on product price, shipping cost not included.
  • In future, we might add higher rate for our affiliates if they can archieve certain amount of referrals.
Where can I share my affiliate link?
  • You can share your affiliate link on your blogs, websites or social media platforms.
  • Recommend to share it on the place that can brings in high traffic to your affiliate link.
  • The higher traffic you can bring, the higher chance for you to get successful referrals.
When can I get the commisions?
  • You will be notifed by email when a buyer made purchase via your link.
  • You can check your commission amount at “Referrals” tab in Affiliate portal.
  • The payout will be made within 15 – 20 working days starting from the day of the order.
Can I customize my link?
  • You can create up to 10 custom slugs for your unique affiliate link.
  • In the Affiliate portal, you can track the custom slugs differently, which can help you to analyse which platform is doing better than others.
How can I share the link for a specific product?
  • You can copy the product link, and paste it in the URL Generator. You can find it in “Affiliate Links” tab in Affiliate portal.
What should I share on my platforms?
  • You can share our videos or pictures that posted on our Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok, and attach with your Affiliate link.
  • In future, we might send you some creative materials that can help you in promoting our products.

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