The Most Popular Gshock GA2100 Model

The Full Black CasiOak

GA-2100-1A1 Casio Gshock

Casio officially released Gshock GA2100 series in 2019. Its signature octagonal inherits the concept of the first-generation DW-5000C models.

Until today (Jan 2024), Casio already released more than 50 models for the 2100 series only. It was listed as the best seller on Casio Gshock offical website.
Among the models, which is the one that everyone love? According to our data and observation on the market, we can say that the most popular Gshock GA2100 model is the Full Black colour model.

The Full Black model number is GA-2100-1A1.
It is one of the 3 watches on the first release of GA2100 line-up in 2019.
Another two are GA-2100-1A (Classic black and white colour) and GA-2100-4A (Full Red colour)

GA2100 Casio Gshock

Among other models, the full black colour GA-2100-1A1 is doing really well in catching people’s eye-balls.
Its full black profile is irresistible, especially for those people who always looking for black EDC accessories.

The matte black dial, hour index, greyish hands, enhancing its stealthy appearance.
Its slim profile distinguishes it from traditional G-Shock watches, making it an ideal choice for both everyday wear

GA-2100-1A1 Casio Gshock

GA2100 models use combination of Analog and Digital display.
There are the hour and minute hands on the main display while the hand that is located at 9 position is showing the day of the week.
The LCD digital display is located at right bottom position. It shows dates and other information when you are using some of its feature such as Stopwatch or Alarm.

GA-2100-1A1 Casio Gshock

Also, being a G-SHOCK watch, its water resistance is a must for its durability.

GA2100 series watches featuring 200M of water resistance level,

which means you can wear it in all sorts of situations, from working with water in daily lifetaking a shower to participating in water activities such as swimming, surfing or jet skiing.

GA-2100-1A1 Casio Gshock

However, most owners of this GA-2100 watch, has a main concern, which is this watch is not suitable for them to wear it for formal events, such as business meeting or wedding dinner.
They will consider another watch for those formal events, hence this GA2100 watch is not 100% versatile for almost any event.

But, HYPERJAM25 has great solution for this problem.

top view quality check of custom casioak that is customized from gshock full black

We do customization on the GA2100 model, to change its appearance without scarifying any features such as 200M water resistance.

After replacing the resin case with the stainless steel case (Black PVD case in this picture), the appearance of the watch is now at different level.

Its octagonal bezel and integrated strap is paying homage to the iconic AP Royal Oak.

Although its base watch is a Gshock but we never compromise on the finishing and quality.

We sourced every available parts from different manufacturers and carefully choose the best quality for our customers.

side quality check of custom casioak that is customized from gshock full black

Because of the premium quality parts we used, so our customer and wear it confidently to attend any kind of formal events.

Most important is our customers love it. Not only the overall appearance but the little details on the quality control such as finishing and polishing.

We believe this is what set us apart from others.


Here is one of the CasiOak that we customized on GA-2100-1A1.
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Of course we also have another style for Custom CasiOak that based on Full Black Gshock GA-2100-1A1 model.
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3 different colours custom casioak based on custom gshock GA2100

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